March 03, 2015

Spring Equipment Order - Due March 23rd

And just in the nick of time!

You saw it right, in the wake of the arrival of our previous order we have decided to immediately organize another fencing equipment order. Don't worry, this time we will be ordering from a local CANADIAN supplier based right here in Vancouver, so the order will come much quicker than before. But even better news is that they supply exactly the same stuff as the website we were using before.

Equipment available for order can be found at:
... but the prices will probably not be the same as you find on the website. In all likelihood they will be lower because we will not have to pay for U.S. shipping and customs.

To place an order, simply send us an e-mail ( with a list of what you would like, including as much detail as possible (especially: specific item title, left/right hand, size, style, part details, etc.). It would be very helpful to include a link to the item on OR the part reference number found on that website.

In addition we ask that you pay a deposit totaling to approximately 50% of the value of the goods you have requested. Use the prices listed on as a guide and bring the money to one of the practices before the deadline. Orders for which we have not received a deposit will not be included unless you have a particularly good reason why you can't pay the deposit on time.

The deadline to place an order and pay the deposit is Monday, March 23rd.

Looking forward to handing out fencing equipment to eager fencers again; it's like Christmas morning in April!

Club Secratary