Membership and Session Fees

We have fencing practices twice a week -- Monday and Thursday evenings.

Membership Fees:
$10 for UBC students
$30 for non-students (e.g. UBC alumni, faculty members, anyone)

Membership fees will only add you to the mailing list and allow you to become a UBC Fencing Club member. Note that the membership fee is separate from session fees and will not allow you to use any club equipment. Membership lasts for one full year (September 1-August 31).

Fencing Session Fees: 
Session fees include BOTH fencing instruction (lessons) and club equipment use.
For those who pay for once a week sessions, you can either come on Mondays or Thursdays -- your choice. We are pretty flexible.

During school year (September through April):
$170 for term 1 and 2, twice a week
$120 for term 1 and 2, once a week
$120 for one term, twice a week
$85 for one term, once a week

Summer session fees (May through August):
$55 per month, twice a week 
$35 per month, once a week

Drop-in fees:
$15 for members and non-members

*Payment can be made by either cash or cheque, payable to the "UBC Fencing Club".

NOTE: Club members must sign the AMS Membership Waiver Form before being able to fence! Electronic waivers via AMS Clubhouse can be found with a CWL. Feel free to ask any execs for help in finding the waiver.