January 22, 2008

Club clothing orders

We will be doing club clothing orders for t-shirts, zippered hoodies and sweatpants this year!

This year's t-shirt logo design contest winner is Cheryl! Yay, congratulations!

If you are interested in ordering, please come see Steph during fencing practice or email her with your first and last name and which clothing you would like ordered. The t-shirt design can be found on our Flickr website so check it out when you have the time.

Information on the type of clothing, colour and sizes will be determined later once we have a definite number of people ordering. You will have the option of choosing either a men's or women's size for the t-shirts.

January 11, 2008

Term 2 club order and remaining items

We are now accepting term 2 club equipment orders. All items will come from Absolute Fencing. Discount structure is as follows - 20% for Absolute-branded gear, 15% for everything else except Leon Paul, which gets 10% only. We now require a 50% non-refundable deposit when ordering, so take the cost as listed on the website (www.absolutefencinggear.com) and then take half the price of the item as the deposit. When the item arrives, we'll let you know how much you still owe us. Contact Diondi with what you want. Club Order closes January 28th - if it's not in by then, it's not going to be ordered.

Items that are left-over from Term 1 Club Order will be for sale starting Monday, Jan 14th. If you still haven't picked up your items, please contact Diondi ASAP so that they don't get sold.

Left-over items are as follows:
1 BF Blue FIE Epee, RH w/ Visconti L pistol grip. French point, Titanium guard and Leather Epee pad. $185 CAD.
2 AF Advanced Masks, Size L. $53 CAD each.
1 AF Standard Mask, Size L. $45 CAD.
3 AF Blade Covers. $3 CAD each.
1 Uhlmann Washable Ultralight Foil Front-zip Lame, RH 44 Male. $145 CAD.
1 Adidas En Garde Fencing Shoes, 9.5 US Men's. $85 CAD.

Club clothing update

The t-shirt logo design contest has been officially over and we will be voting on whatever entries we have received on Thursday, January 17, 2008. Please be there to check the designs out!

We will be taking in orders for t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants on January 17th too, please try to be there so we can get a pretty accurate number on how many to order. The hoody designs will also be determined on the same day too. If you have any suggestions or any other feedback, please bring them to the fencing practice on January 17th. For the sweatpants, we will be using the same style and design as previous years except you will have the option of ordering the sweatpants with or without the TOUCHE on the back side (for those who are afraid of having their asses grabbed unexpectedly)...:P

Prices will be dependent on the number of actual orders (the more we order, the cheaper it is). I am estimating hoodies and sweat pants to be at least $30.