March 13, 2017

Annual General Meeting TONIGHT at 8pm

Hello everyone,
Please come out to our Annual General Meeting tonight (March 13th) at 8pm.

March 01, 2017

IMPORTANT: Annual General Meeting on Monday March 13th 2017

Hello everyone, 

A couple of announcements:
On Monday, March 13th 2017 at 8pm we will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) during practice. During this meeting:

-        We will be holding elections for next year’s council. Please do your best to come to this meeting as your vote is important and will determine who runs this club next year!
We will be voting people in for executive and council positions.
 Exec positions: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary (all of these positions have to be filled by students that will be enrolled in classes at UBC for both semesters next year)
Council positions: social coordinator, administrative coordinator and armorer.

If you would like to run for a position or nominate somebody for this position please come to the election or ask a proxy to come for you. If you are running for the position, you will be asked to give a little (1-2mins) speech as to why members should vote for you.
ALL PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS WILL HAVE TO BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 6TH 2017 AT 11:59pm. Please send them to the Club Email “”. For all other nominations it would be preferable to have them sent in a week in advance, but on floor nominations will be accepted if the nominated person is not present and doesn’t have a proxy or there are no nominations.
The term officially begins on May 1st
All positions not filled on March 13th may be filled as need dictates by by-elections run by the executive team.

-        Please bring something to write with and some paper.

Here are the general position descriptions: 

-       -  Chief executive officer of the club
-       -  Coordinates the club
-        - Presides and runs all executive meetings
-        - Liaison to the AMS administration, other clubs, UBC, other fencing club, BC Fencing Association and the Canadian Fencing Federation
-        - Is one of the 2 booking representatives for the club
-        - Is responsible for the smooth running of the club during the term à problem solving
-        - Spokesperson and representative of the club, to other clubs and the greater Social and Committee AMS body 

-        - Performs any functions that need to be done (ie in absence of another member of executive) and supports all other positions.
-        - Responsible for communication with the club 

-        -In case of absence of the president, presides over the meetings
-        -Sole signing officer of the club
-        -Is one of the 2 booking representatives of the club
-        -Is responsible for the safeguarding and managing of the club’s money, has to keep records of it
-        -Deals with expenses and processing orders
-        -Submits all applications regarding Offices, Lockers, Club Renewal
-        -Submits Brett’s contract
-        - Check in “Clubhouse” regularly to make sure everything is submitted on time

-        -Compiles meeting agendas
-        -Responsible for the meeting minutes
-        -Responsible for correspondence with the club members (email account, club website, keeping the mailing list up to date) 

-        -Organizes non-fencing social events throughout the year 

-       - Keep in contact with AMS
-        -Make sure all paperwork needed is completed
-        -Make changes to constitution if needed
-        -Apply for sponsorships 

-        -Keep an inventory of the club equipment
-        -Record of all equipment lend out to the club members
-        -Repair of defective club equipment

CFF National Championships - April 21-23, 2017 in Gatineau, QC

The CFF is hosting the National Championships (U15, Cadet, Junior, Senior, University, Veterans) on April 21-23, 2017.

Details can be found here:

Complexe Branchaud-Brière
499, boulevard Labrosse
Gatineau, QC  J8P 4R1

Event Registration: Registration opens March 16th

Event Fees:
$50 administration fee +
$60 U15
$60 Cadet
$60 Junior
$60 Senior
$60 Veterans
$75 Team

Registration closes Apr 8th, 11:59PM EST. Apr 9th to 15th triple fees apply, Apr 16th to 21st triple fees apply + $200.