November 29, 2011

UBC Beginners Foil Tournament: Sunday Dec. 4th

Hey everyone,

for those of you who have been fencing for less than a year, we are having the annual UBC Beginners Foil Tournament just for you!

Where: SUB Partyroom (top floor of the SUB)
When: Sunday December 4th @ 11:00am
Cost: $5.00
Registration Deadline: Friday at midnight.

The top four people who win will receive a medal and a T-shirt from the UBC Fencing Club!

The entire tournament will be with the electric equipment, so by participating you will learn how a tournament is run, you will have more experience with the electric equipment, and you could win stuff!

If you are interested, please email me back with your First and Last name.

What to bring:
You just need to bring what you usually wear to fencing! Running shoes, t-shirt, sweat pants, etc., and no license is required.

The tentative schedule is:

10:15am: people can come and help set-up
11:00am: sign-in and warm up
11:30am: start fencing the beginning pools round
12:30pm: start fencing the direct elimination round
1:30 pm: awards
1:45 pm: if you guys want to, we may have a "Boss stage" where people have a chance to fence the more experienced fencers on the electric

If we do not have enough people the event may be cancelled so please let us know by Friday at midnight.

Hopefully you guys can make it!!!!

Jessica Clayton
UBC Fencing Club Secretary

November 20, 2011

Upcoming Tournaments!

Hey fencers,

There are some upcoming tournaments in the Vancouver area that you should sign up for:

1) La Salle: Foil & Epee Challenge, November 27th 2011, Vancouver

2) North Van. Fencing Club: Santa Open Tournament, December 10th 2011, Vancouver

Just a hop, skip and a ferry over to Victoria for this gem,

3) Capital City Fencing Club: Escrime Sundae 2012, January 14th 2011, Victoria

Thanks guys :)

~Jessica Clayton

November 10, 2011

New Executives

Hi everyone!

Today we had our elections for the treasurer and armourer positions on the UBC Fencing Club executive committee. I would like to introduce you all to our newest executives! Yvonne Chang is our new treasurer, and Eloi Mercier is our new armourer! Hurray!!!! Also, special thanks to Karl who now our equipment coordinator!

November 08, 2011

Elections this Thursday!!!

Hi all ya'll,

this Thursday we are having our elections for the Treasurer and Armourer positions. If you plan on running, please let us know (email us at, and meet us 10 minutes before the lesson starts.

Here are the rules:

1) you must be a UBC student
2) you have to make a 1 minute speech --> Make sure to include who you are (so people can write down your name), why you want to do it, why you think you would be good at it, and if you have time maybe a bit about yourself.

There are many perks to being on the fencing exec. The first is that it looks great on your resume to have a leadership role like this. The second that you get lots of organizational experience, and essentially help run a business. The third is that you get to have free fencing lessons starting next semester (not including the summer semesters).

If you are not running, please do come on Thursday so you can vote! You do have a say on who represents you, the club member!

Over and out,

Jessica Clayton
UBC Fencing Club Secretary