October 25, 2012

FYI – We are currently taking orders for equipment from Absolute Fencing.  If you are interested in getting some gear, let us know!!  The deadline is next Monday, October 29th.

As your lessons have progressed you have likely noted the rather unfashionable cut of our fencing uniforms. We apologize for this, and now present to you an opportunity to rectify such. Starting today until Monday, Oct 29 we will be taking equipment orders. Before you do this, I suggest talking to Brett or one of the execs to help with sizing/what exactly to get. 

But onto ordering. Reply to this email in the following manner; failure to do so will lead to me slapping you with a glove.

1) Go to this website. We order all our gear from Absolute fencing.
2) Determine what you wish to purchase.
3) Put the following information as a reply to this email. (example below)
     a) Name of item
     b) Catalogue Number
     c) Price
     d) Sizing/Custom Information
     e) URL
4) Come to practice and give us a 50% deposit.

There! You're done! Now you get to wait a minimum of 2 weeks on us sending in the order before the stuff arrives. 

Here is an example of an email for an equipment order.  Let's say I want to get a 5 piece foil set. The email would look like this:

Hello Vincent you wonderful human being,

I would like the following:


Mask Size: M
Right Handed
Jacket Size 44
Jacket Type: Cotton Front Zip
Glove Size :M
Foil Grip: AF French Grip
Blade Size: Standard
Bag Colour: Purple
Upgrade to Electric Foil Mask: Yes

Your ardent admirer,



Then I'd go to practice and give an exec $56. Upon arrival of equipment your final tally after customs/shipping will be calculated and you give us the rest of the money and we give you your stuff. Or you don't give us money and we keep your stuff, and your deposit.  

We do get a club discount on our orders, however, with customs/shipping the discount doesn't generally amount to much. That said, you will likely save some money by having us do all the work for you, vs ordering it yourself.

October 04, 2012

Thanksgiving Social

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know if you haven't heard already there will be a movie&dinner social this upcoming Sunday. We will be watching Looper at Scotiabank Theatre (900 Burrard Street) and then cruising over to Guu Garden for dinner.

Time: the movie starts at five so we will be meeting at 4:30pm at the base of the escalators and heading in shortly afterwards. So make sure you're on time! We have a couple passes that are $10 and it will be on a first come first serve basis. If you are lost or late text me at 604-723-0621 so I can either direct you or save you a seat.

See you soon!