February 27, 2012

Elections, Tournaments, and Club Equipment Orders!

Hey fencers!

Just an FYI that we will be having 3 awesome events this week!

1) Elections for Fencing Executive Members will be taking place on Thursday March 1st!
-you can run for ANY of the 6 positions we have (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, events coordinator, and armorer)
-you get experience working with people (and that looks great on your resume)
-you get to fence for free during the regular term
-Please let us know if you are interested in running. We will need you to prepare a short speech about why you think you would be good for the position before we have the vote. You can also vote for other people to be present who are not in the running. If you would like to run but can't make it to the vote, then email us your speech and someone will read it for you.

2) The UBC Stephen Lazar Memorial Tournament 2012 is on March 10th!
-this is our biggest annual tournament that has been running for something like 30 years!
-you need to have your CFF licence, and you can get that from here: http://www.fencing.ca/cff_licence_info.htm

We need volunteers for the tournament, and those wanting to run to be an executive are encouraged to help with set-up and take-down at this particular event for the experience.

3) We will be submitting a club fencing equipment order tomorrow, so this is a reminder to get in your goods! You can ask us about this at practice tonight!

Please let any of us current exec. know if you have any questions!

Over and out,
Jessica Clayton
UBC Fencing Club Secretary