September 27, 2014

Upcoming Tournaments - Fall 2014

This Fall the UBC Fencing club will be hosting two sanctioned tournaments:

1) Halloween Slash and Stab
Sunday, October 26, 2014
Online registration deadline: October 25, 2014
Cost: $25 per event
Events: Senior epee and senior sabre (all events are men's and women's separately)
Where: UBC SUB Ballroom

2) Remembrance Day Tournament
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Online registration deadline: November 8, 2014
Cost: $30 per event
Weapons: Senior foil, epee, and sabre (all events are men's and women's separately)
Where: UBC SUB Ballroom

Spectators are welcome and can drop by anytime to watch a real fencing tournament. Experienced fencers who want to compete should make sure to renew their competitive passport via the CFF webpage:

We are also looking for volunteers to help with setting up, taking down, score keeping, armoury table and registration desk. If you would like to volunteer contact us at

If you would like to compete but do not have a full set of electric gear, the club has a limited amount that we can lend to fencers for the day - we will only lend out equipment if you contact us in advance and request the items that you need. First e-mailed, first served.

Competitors, volunteers, and associates are invited to join us for dinner after the tournament; simply RSVP via e-mail or Facebook once the location has been agreed upon.

Looking forward to another year of fierce competition and fun!

Club Secretary

September 24, 2014

Room Cancellations - Current Status

Dear Fencers,

Many of you may have been wondering why there are so many cancelled practices in the next two weeks and what we are doing about it. I feel that an explanation of our current situation is in order:

At the beginning of each semester we make block bookings of the rooms in the SUB in which we practice - that means we are supposed to get the SUB Ballroom every Thursday and SUB 214/216 +  Ballroom Extension every Monday. However, the AMS also makes single bookings for events, and these bookings take priority over ours. We are forced to cancel practice when there is either no alternate room available, or the replacement room we have been given is too small to be useful for fencing.

Those are the conditions under which we are trying to hold practices, and we are working very hard on finding rooms for next week, possibly in a different building like the Student Recreation Center. Therefore, both practices for next week are cancelled for now, but keep checking the website as we are waiting on replies from several booking representatives.

Sorry about the apparent lack of fencing coming up; we are also not happy about it because we LOVE to fence and share our sport. We are doing everything we can think of to make it happen.

Jensen Scheuer
Club Secretary

September 02, 2014

UBC Imagine Day 2014

Hi fencers and potential fencers!

Welcome back to our returning members, and a special welcome to students new to UBC who would like to try out the sport of fencing. We will be manning a booth at the Main Event on Tuesday, September 2nd between Buchanan and the IKBLC (the side closer to the water and mountains) - everyone is welcome to come by and....

a) Talk to us and ask us questions.
b) Sign up for our e-mailing list.
c) Check out some fencing equipment and watch LIVE fencing right behind the booth!

We will be holding regular practices this year on Mondays at 6:30PM in the SUB Ballroom Extension + SUB 207/209 and Thursdays at 6:30PM in the SUB Ballroom. Your first practice is free, all equipment is provided, and no experience is required - so why not come try your hand at swordplay? We encourage anyone interested to attend a free lesson this or next Thursday; come wearing gym clothes (jeans or restrictive pants are not recommended for reasons that will become abundantly clear).

Hoping to see many new faces this year!

Club Secretary

Fall 2014 Practice Schedule

As in previous years, we will be holding practices on Monday and Thursday evenings in the Student Union Building, open to everyone.

Monday, September 1st: CANCELLED, LABOR DAY
Thursday, September 4th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, September 8th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension + SUB 214/216
Thursday, September 11th: 6:30PM @ SUB 214/216
Monday, September 15th: CANCELLED
Thursday, September 18th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, September 22nd: 6:30PM @  SUB 214/216
Thursday, September 25th: CANCELLED
Monday, September 29th: CANCELLED

Thursday, October 2nd: 6:30PM @ SUB 207/209
Monday, October 6th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension + SUB 214/216
Thursday, October 9th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, October 13th: 6:30PM @ SUB 207/209
Thursday, October 16th: 6:30PM @ SUB 207/209
Monday, October 20th: 6:30PM @ SUB 214/216
Thursday, October 23rd: CANCELLED
Monday, October 27th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension
Thursday, October 30th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom

Monday, November 3rd: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension + SUB 214/216
Thursday, November 6th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, November 10th: 6:30PM @ SUB 214/216
Thursday, November 13th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, November 17th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension + SUB 214/216
Thursday, November 20th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom
Monday, November 24th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom Extension
Thursday, November 27th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom

Monday, December 1st: 6:30PM @ SUB 205 + SUB 207/209
Thursday, December 4th: 6:30PM @ SUB 212
Monday, December 8th: 6:30PM @ SUB Partyroom + SUB 212
Thursday, December 11th: 6:30PM @ SUB Partyroom
Monday, December 15th: 6:30PM @ SUB Partyroom + SUB 207/209
Thursday, December 18th: 6:30PM @ SUB Ballroom

Practices will not be taking place between December 18th and January 5th. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!