March 28, 2013


Monday, April 1st: Ballroom 6:30-11pm
Friday, April 5th: Partyroom 6:30-midnight
Monday, April 8th: 212a 6:30-8pm (move to Partyroom 8-11pm)
Thursday, April 11th: 205 7-11pm 
Monday, April 15th: 212a 6:30-8pm (move to Partyroom 8-11pm)
Thursday, April 18th: 212a 6:30-11pm
Monday, April 22nd: Ballroom 6:30-11pm
Thursday, April 25th: Ballroom 6:30-11pm

Monday, April 29th: 214/216 6:30-11pm

March 21, 2013

2013-14 New execs

Congrats to the 2013-14 new execs! :)

President: Jonathan Widjaya
Vice President: Geoffrey Hohert
Secretary: Anne Peterson
Social coordinator: June Lee
Armorer: Stephen Wilson
Treasurer: Lynn Jin

March 20, 2013

March 29th Practice

Please be aware that there has been a change of room for the practice on Friday March 29th.  We will be in SUB 214/216.  See you there!

March 11, 2013

Paintball Social

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a blast at the Lazar tournament, the facebook photos sure say you have~

As you might have noticed, this term is nearing its end (only 15 more days of classes!) and I believe this calls for a paintball battle!!!!

I have 11 tickets left (first come first serve) that are valid for a full day of paintball. They are $10 each, and the only thing it doesn't cover is ammo; $10/100 balls upon booking, and $10-$15/100 for any ammo needed afterwards. And from what I've heard, people don't usually use up to 100 "bullets" anyway so $20 is usually enough.

The social will be on the long weekend Saturday (March 30th) and will be a whole day event! And of course dinner will be held afterwards at some delicious restaurant with delicious food which will be deliciously announced soon. If you guys have any suggestions about good Richmond eats around the area, lemon know on facebook! (because Richmond is Narnia to me...)

More details to come, as always.

Peace out,