March 31, 2012

Upcoming Tournaments


Here are some upcoming tournaments that may be of interest to you!

BC Provincial Open Championships 2012 (Register Here)
-June 8 2012 - June 10 2012 at the Richmond Olympic Oval, BC
-Individual Events for all age groups and weapons
-Team Events for Senior Mixed Epee, Sabre, and Foil

Jeaux de Pomme Tournament 2012 (Information Here)
-May 4 2012 - May 5 2012 in Vernon, BC -Register by filling out This Form
-Individual Events for: 
1. Grade Seven and Under Mixed Team Epee
2. Grade Seven and Under Girl’s Individual Epee 
3. Grade Seven and Under Boy’s Individual Epee 
4. Cadet Girl’s Epee sanctioned by CFF for ranking (Ranked) 
5. Cadet Boy’s Epee sanctioned by CFF for ranking (Ranked) 
6. Women’s Open Epee sanctioned by CFF for ranking (Ranked) 
7. Men’s Open Epee sanctioned by CFF for ranking (Ranked) 
8. Mixed Recreational Parent’s Epee (non fencers)

2012 - 2013 Executive Committee!

Hey folks, our elections took place earlier this month, and we are happy to introduce you to this year's new line of executives.

President & Armourer: Eloi Mercier (aka Monsieur Président, our resident epeeist)
Vice-President: Jessica Clayton (that slashy sabreuse who is always yelling at everyone
Treasurer: Yvonne Chang (she's in charge of the bling-bling and club orders)
Secretary: Anne Peterson (aka Bob, she contacts and updates club members)
Social Coordinator: June Eunji Lee (our bubbly epeeist who organizes events)

Wheelie bag for sale!

Hey, Sara King is selling some of her stuff:

- Wheelie fencing bag! $70, price negotiable.

Email us if you are interested at