March 04, 2016

Club Elections - March 7, 2016

Herro fellow fencers!

On Monday March 7th at 8:00 pm, we will be holding our annual club elections to select the executives of 2016-17. You can nominate anyone, including yourself as long as you are a full time UBC student. By taking on the role as an exec, you will learn to run a club, manage club finances, work with others and many other valuable leadership skills.

There are currently five positions to be filled: 
Vice President
Social Coordinator

All nominees will have to prepare a 1-2 min speech to tell us why we should vote for you. If you are not running for any positions, we still encourage you to come on down to vote for or nominate your friends! (and fence of course)! Note that you have to be UBC student member to vote!

See you guys there!