October 26, 2015

Club Equipment Order - Term 1

Hello Everyone,

The fencing club is doing a club order! We will be ordering from Absolute Fencing. If you are interested, please email the club email (fencingubc@gmail.com) with the following information:

Email Subject line: UBC Fencing Order Oct 2015

a) Name of Item
b) Catalogue number
c) Price
d) Sizing/custom information
e) URL

Details on how to order equipment can be found here: http://ubcfencing.blogspot.ca/p/equipment-orders.html

This needs to be done for each item that you wish to purchase.

The order will be finalized on October 28th. A 50% deposit of the total cost for each person will need to be paid by November 2nd. If you don't pay us the deposit by November 2nd, we will not be ordering your equipment.

Deadline to email us your order: October 28th
Deadline to pay the 50% deposit: November 2nd 

The order will be send on November 3rd once the deposit has been received. Cash and cheques are accepted (preferably cheques).

To calculate your 50% deposit amount:
[Total amount you will be ordering in US dollars] x 1.32 (USD to CAD conversion) x 0.5

If you have any questions on anything, don't hesitate to ask us!