January 29, 2015

2015 UVic Intercollegiate Tournament - Day Trip to Vancouver Island Details

Hi everyone,

The 2015 UVic Intercollegiate Tournament is coming up on February 7, 2015, and the tournament will be comprised of fencers from different university fencing clubs (UVic, UBC, SFU, WWU to name a few). To qualify, you will only be required to be a member of a university and/or college fencing club.

We will be sending a couple of UBC fencers to the Intercollegiate Tournament held in the University of Victoria campus (McKinnon Gym - 3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC) in Vancouver Island. We will be commuting there (via bus and ferry) as a group so no one gets lost.

We will be organizing, coordinating and deciding on where to meet up through our Facebook page and Facebook Intercollegiate event page. If you wish to join us, please join our Facebook group and join in on the discussion!

Everyone, go register! You don't need a CFF licence to compete in this one! 

Details on the tournament and equipment can be found here: https://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=29003

If you don't have Facebook, you can find out our commute details here in this document:
PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8MTYVel0-nLRXN2Y2o2S0tWRGc/view

Basically, we're meeting up at Bridgeport Station and waiting at the #620 bus stop. We're catching the 6:00 am bus (be there 10 min early in case there's a long line-up or if it leaves a few min early...otherwise if you miss it, you have to wait another hour for another #620 to come...). We're catching the 7:00 am Tsawwassen ferry to Vancouver Island. The #620 bus will go directly to the ferry terminal (it's the last stop).

Date: February 7, 2015
Location: University of Victoria, McKinnon 1/3 Gym
3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island)

Events Scheduled:
Mixed Foil - 10:30 am
Mixed Epee - 12:00 pm
Mixed Saber - 1:30 pm

Our club can lend some electric equipment (limited supply) to those who need it for the tournament. You will need to pick up the equipment ahead of time and keep it with you...no one will carry the borrowed club gear for you...