December 02, 2014

Fencing Christmas Social - The Day of the Christmas Social at the Tardis House

So a couple of us were discussing about doing a Christmas social after exams and we decided to hijack Bosco's Tardis House to make this happen!

The planning of *drum roll*...Operation: The Day of the Christmas Social at the Tardis House shall commence...NOW!

I know not all members have Facebook and can access the poll so...I've decided to set up a Doodle link to make polling easier! If you're interested, please let us know of your availabilities ASAP so we can choose a day which fit's everyone's busy exam schedule!

We're also open to ideas on what to do during the social so feel free to post on our Facebook page or email us! Perhaps potluck? Partial on-site cooking using Bosco's kitchen? Take-out? Board games! And one of our members suggested a gingerbread house/man building activity!

Update: Our Christmas at the Tardis Fencing Social has been postponed to Saturday, December 20th. Details on address is posted on our Facebook page and time of start is 1:00 pm.