Equipment Orders

--Note : Due to the complications of the current club order, we will not be collecting orders until further notice, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience--

Every year, we do a club equipment order from Absolute Fencing two to three times a year.

Here is the website:

If you would like to order fencing equipment, please email us at since it will be easier for us to manage everyone's order.

Note that it is in US dollars because Absolute Fencing is an American company.

We require you to pay a non-refundable deposit. E.g. -- if it is a 80% deposit and if you are buying something that is $100 USD, then you would need to pay $80 CAD to us before the club order deadline. You can pay by cash or cheque (payable to "UBC Fencing Club"). You can pay during our fencing practices or arrange to meet up with one of the club executives during the daytime. You will need to email and let us know if you cannot pay the deposit in time. We will make note of the amount you paid us already, and deduct that on the overall cost you owe us when the shipment arrives. We are not sure how much shipping and duty will cost since the shipment will be converted from USD to CAD dollars when it goes through Customs. There is also the USD to CAD conversion we will calculate once Canadian Customs sends us the bill.

Anyway, just know that when the equipment arrives, we will email you and let you know the remaining amount you owe us in CAD dollars (this includes taxes, shipping and duty).

Note that the USD:CAD exchange rate can be found here:

In your email, please include the following information:
- Your name and email address (so we can contact you when the order arrives)
- Name of items you wish to order
- Price of each item (in USD)
- Catalog number of each item
- Details of each item (colour, size, hand like right-handed/left-handed, and other information that would help us determine what you want)

Size and Measurements

There seems to be some confusion on how to measure yourself to figure out which size fits you best. Here are some helpful tips on how to measure yourself properly so that you'll be able to order the right size.

For chest protectors, they come in sizes XS to SL. Here is a breakdown of the sizes in detail:
XS = for girls who are under 12, or under 30A
S = is 32 ABC cup
M = is 34 BCD cup
L = is 36 BCD
XL = 38 and higher

Here's the Absolute Fencing sizing chart, for your convenience --

Note that for AF cotton jackets, measure your chest and THEN add an additional 6 inches. For AF nylon jackets, add an additional 4 inches. E.g. if you measured yourself to be 34 inches, add 6 inches -- so you would order a size 40 cotton jacket.

Here's a better diagram to better measure yourself --

For breeches/pants, you measure your waist. If you are a 32", then order 32". If you are slightly over 32" and prefer something a little more roomier, then I would suggest 34".

If you have a 38" chest, then I would suggest that you order 38" or 40". It really depends on the stretch of the material and the brand name. Uhlmann and Leon Paul brands, for example, have different sizing charts.

Here is some information grips and sizing information --

If you're a beginner, I would recommend that you get yourself a french grip so you won't pick up any bad habits, plus your point control would be much better. French handles/grips come in one size so there's no need to fret over which "size" is right for you, unlike pistol grips.

However, if you want to get a pistol grip, here are some useful information. Pistol grips all vary in size and style. There are many different types such as Visconti, Belgium, Russian, Rambeau, etc. People usually go for Visconti, it's more of a preference thing. It's best to physically try out a pistol grip before ordering one. The best way to do so is if you see a club member with one, politely ask him/her if you could hold onto it for a second. You'll either like it or you don't.

Glove size 6 or 7 = Visconti extra-small, SchermaSport small
Glove size 7 or 8 = Visconti small, Belgian Standard, SchermaSport medium
Glove size 8 or 9 = Visconti small, Belgian Standard
Glove size 9 or 10 = Visconti medium, Belgian Modern, SchermaSport medium, German, Rambeau
Glove size 10 or 11 = Visconti large, Russian, Belgian Large, SchermaSport large

For glove size, you should measure around the palm of your hand excluding the thumb, and then add 0.5" - take a look at this diagram --

For example, if your hand palm size is a size 7", then add 0.5" - you should order a size 7.5" glove. If you want a tight fit and your hand palm size is 7", then order a size 7" glove.

Good luck!